Jon Amundson

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Amundson has been around since 1975 in Alberta. He has practiced as a clinical psychologist in an independent setting since 1980 in Calgary. Aside from work in family-related treatment, he has been an expert witness in court testimony. Supplementing treatment and assessment has been his professional publication in such journals as FAMILY PROCESS, FAMILY COURT REVIEW, JOURNAL OF MEDIATION AND APPLIED CONFLICT RESOLUTION, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF CLINICAL HYPNOSIS, JOURNAL OF DIVORCE AND RE-MARRIAGE,  THE CANADIAN AND EUROPEAN JOURNALS OF COUNSELLING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY, THE ALBERTA FiSHING GUIDE and writes the ethics column for PSYMPOSIUM. 

He has served on and chaired committees for both the College of Alberta Psychologists and the Psychologist Association of Alberta. Activism is a hangover from the 60s in his professional life and he has served as consultant and intervener in select cases of law and in various capacities for the discipline. 

He has kids and grand kids and been blessed with reasonably good enough health to have been a national and international athlete-winning with his elder team mates a couple world championships in polynesian canoe racing.