Michael Yankowski

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My personal and professional experience has inspired me to connect with others who have had their worlds shaken once or many times! Most of the clients I have worked with over the years have experienced many forms of significant loss (bereavement, traumatic loss, anticipated loss, death of a child, end of relationships/social circles, divorce, loss of income/employment, comorbid diagnoses, entering post-secondary, new career, co-parenting, dealing with COVID-19!). If these experiences are a part of your story, I am definitely interested in collaborating with you in hopes of discovering ways to reconnect with yourself and others. While “time heals all wounds”, I think how you use that time is important!

Outside of the therapeutic setting, I enjoy being the best dad and husband I can be. My hobbies include playing pool and playing music (drums, guitar, singing, songwriting).


City University of Seattle
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Master of Counselling, 2015
Counselling Psychology
2013 To 2015